Builders and remodelers show

Running an organization is not as easy as baking a cake. It takes a great deal of effort from you and your employees.  It’s very important to take care of your employees to run your organization smoothly. Hence Zota can be your best solution to provide safety and safety compliance.

Zota provides fast and reliable safety and safety compliance for your employees at a very affordable rate. It difficult and consumes a lot of your time while you try to fulfill all the safety regulation of the Federal, State and Local safety. Hence, Zota brings a training program for the safety of the employees while minimizing your investment.

ZOTA brings a Professional Training program that will exhibit Builders and remodelers show.  There is no cost to attend the show and the show is sponsored by Builders Association of the Twin Cities. This show is hosted specially to attract builders, renovators and contractors. The show will have many exhibitors which will present their valuable information to builders, renovators and contractors.

Come, attend the show and get the golden opportunity to meet the different exhibitors and learn about their services. Meet the expert themselves and settle any query that you have regarding RRP rule and many more.

get informed about Lead Paint Certificate and how much of practice you need to red rid of the heavy EPA fine that is applicable to non-compliance.

Are there any queries that you need to ask about OSHA safety training or OSHA’s new Silica Standard? You can ask it all to the experts itself.

ZOTApro Course also covers MN Department of Labor and Industry. It also supports CE education for contractor license renewal. After attending OSHA compliance or EPA Lead Certificate Course you can get CE credit.

ZOTA also provide training to the group and it also offers 40% off in group training up to 10 companies.

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