Caring for Countertops: How to Maintain Marble Installations

There are few materials that can compete with marble to produce one-of-a-kind countertops that project elegance and high quality, although some homeowners are reluctant to undertake projects with marble due to concerns about the costs or installing and maintaining the stone.

However, although marble can be a more expensive option than other materials such as quartz, many designers find it a pleasant surprise to learn that caring for marble countertops is not as difficult as they first believed. For just a little bit of cost and time, there are a few easy steps for maintaining marble that will keep the impressive countertops looking as stylish as they day they were installed.


Cleaning is remarkably simple with just some soap and water, as marble will not absorb this combination or face any damage from its use. Purchase any mild dishwashing liquid for just a few dollars and use that with water to wipe down spills and stains from the countertops. The only thing to caution against when trying to look after marble countertops is the use of any cleaning liquids that might potentially have acidic ingredients, such as bleach, because these can run the risk of staining the marble. Instead, just stick with a non-acidic brand for easy, harmless cleaning.

After purchasing the dishwashing liquid simply mix a small amount of it (about a tablespoon) with water and then put the mixture in a spray bottle, which can be bought at the grocery store for a few dollars. And because only a small amount of the cleaning liquid is needed for the countertop, this mixture can last for severalmonths or even ‘til next year. Wipe the solution down with soft, absorbent towels, which are also inexpensive. So, for less than $10 it’s possible to keep the counters clean for quite a bit of time.

The cleaning process really is the least of your concerns!


The cleaning mix is an absolute must-have for marble countertops, but there are other options to purchase that can also help keep the counters look as good as new. For example, consider buying decorative trays for countertops that can be used to store cosmetics and other toiletries in the bathroom, or for storing sauces and other condiments in the kitchen. This means that any products that might be acidic or might otherwise stain the marble will be separated from the surface by the tray, catching any spills before they can touch the countertops.

Cutting boards are another great option in the kitchen because it will prevent against any potential scratching of the marble by knives, as the board will take all the damage. Also for the kitchen, baking mats are a great option for messy cooking projects like rolling out dough. It’ll keep the food being prepared from sticking to the marble countertop, and reduce the countertop cleaning time.


Finally, remember that sealing marble countertops is a very important investment – this will help prevent the counters absorbing much damage and keep them resilient against damage, so that the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms retain that one-off elegant look only marble can achieve.