Common Dryer Problems & How to Fix Them  

Some of us keep our dryer use to a minimum, relying on the warm weather to dry our clothes and save energy.  Others make use of their dryer multiple times a week.  Either way, however often you use your clothes dryer, you can still experience problems.

The dryer won’t spin

If your dryer isn’t spinning, you’re not going to dry many clothes!

The first check you should make is that the electricity outlet actually works.  Plug something else into the outlet to be sure.   If it doesn’t work you should check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit.  Alternatively you should check the dryer for any problems.  Common problems include a faulty thermostat, thermal fuse and start switch.  The door switch on your dryer determines whether it starts or not.  If you have a faulty door switch then the dryer will not start.

The dryer is producing no heat

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This could simply be caused by something blocking the front of the dryer.  Clothes dryers rely on air flow to effectively dry your clothes.  Always be sure there is sufficient ventilation.  If there is nothing blocking your dryer, it could be down to a faulty heating element, ignitor, fuse or incorrect settings.  Be sure that you have selected the appropriate fabric settings, temperature and timings.  If this doesn’t fix the problem you should check your heating elements.

If your dryer has a burner, it should be producing a clear blue flame if working correctly.  If your dryer has a thermostat you should inspect it for any wear and deformities.  You can either perform this check yourself or contact a local professional.

The dryer is making lots of noise
Some dryers make more noise than others, but when your dryer stars making a real racket you should pay attention.   A noisy dryer can be caused by loose parts inside your machine.  There are many parts to a modern dryer, once worn or damaged they can make a racket inside your drum or machine.  Check there is nothing loose inside your dryer.

Another simple check you can also make is to be sure your dryer is level.  If your dryer is not sitting level on the floor it will make a continuous noise.

There are many checks and repairs you can make yourself, you can find plenty of guides on the internet which explain how to test and fix different brands.  If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to contact a local appliance specialist.

Article written by Abbott Appliance Service & Repair in Trumbull, CT.

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