Could your décor be putting off your Botox patients?

Interior design. Whatever you do, you are not going to please everyone, and there will undoubtedly be someone who, even if they really hate what you have done with the place, will lie to your face and tell you how beautiful it is. Now, this is often great when it comes to having family and friends over, but when you are decorating your place of business, it is often vital to have a person’s real opinion. That is one of the biggest problems that face anyone who is decorating their work area, because they need genuine and real opinions, otherwise they could be putting off their customers – something that absolutely no business wants to do!

And when it comes to running a Botox clinic, there are many ways that you could be putting off prospective patients. This is the trouble with many of the Botox courses that are out there at the moment: they simply do not give any training on how to present your Botox clinic after you have finished the Botox course and are ready to start off your own career and business on your own. However, there are five main mistakes that almost everyone makes when it comes to Botox décor. Which one are you making – or are you making more than one?

  1. Your waiting room feels like a hospital.

No one wants to feel as though they are sick when they come to visit you, and if you’ve decided to take a clinical approach to your interior decoration, that that could be just the problem. No wonder your prospective patients sit and feel queasy, if they’re having to sit in green corridors in uncomfortable chairs! Make things a little different by using warmer colours, like yellows.

  1. Your treatment room is covered of photos of patients.

If someone has come to you for Botox, the chances are that they are not happy with the way that they look – so don’t cover your walls in photographs of beautiful people! Even if you think that they are great examples of your work, have them in a photo book that a patient can look at if they want to, otherwise it’s just torture. You could also find that the patients who you photograph do not want their faces plastering your walls!

  1. You don’t have anywhere comfortable to sit.

This is a pet peeve of many people, but when you want someone to stay long enough in your place of business to spend money, then it is absolutely critical to have somewhere comfortable to sit! Make sure that you have a variety too, some softer than others, some with cushions, and some with footstools. Make your clinic a place that anyone can be comfortable.

  1. Nothing is private.

It may be cheaper to just have a screen between the patient that you are currently seeing, and the rest of your patients who are waiting, but for goodness sake that does not mean that it is a good idea! Having separate rooms is not a suggestion, it’s a requirement, and if they didn’t teach enough of privacy to you in your local Botox course then it simply wasn’t good enough!

  1. Your staff aren’t welcoming.

This may not be exactly about decorating, but it doesn’t matter how beautiful your interior design is if your staff are rude and abrupt. No amount of soft cushions are going to make a person stay there! That is why you should always make sure that your staff are friendly and polite, and conscious that some people will feel confused and embarrassed about being there.