Different Types of Reputation Management Reviews

Online reputation management can be targeted in one of two ways. The first way is through social media targeting. Unsatisfied consumers will usually turn to their social media profiles to voice their opinions on their discontent regarding your products/services. Their objective is to alert other potential customers and steer them away from your brand. This form of negative reputation management company reviews can seriously hurt your business. However, this is only one type of negative content to look out for. The second kind of negative reputation management reviews that you need to watch out for are commonly referred to  as “online reputation bombs”. These are defined as comments and posts that may have a lasting effective on your reputation and image. Online reputation bombs are more likely to appear more frequently within a list of search results. Consumers are more likely to see this content than searching through a timeline of posts on a social media platform.

The types of online reputation bombs that your reputation management may come into contact with may include, but are not limited to; negative reviews, defamatory webpages, media content that is harmful to your brand, etc.

Negative reputation management company reviews are a threat to your company when unsatisfied consumers begin to review your products in a negative way through blog posts, comments, articles, etc. These can discourage other potential customers from doing business with you. Be sure to address these users back. Do so in a way that is not menacing or defensive. Be understanding and sensitive to the way they feel about your product and/or service in order to protect your online reputation management from any further damage.

Consumers who are severely unsatisfied by your products and/or services might take it a step further and create a webpage that is dedicated to their distaste for your brand. These reputation management company reviews are harder to make disappear and are more likely to persist.

Having your reputation management harmed by negative media coverage is more visible  for the public and more likely to be seen faster than any other type of content.