Everything that you need t o know about EPA RRP rule

Gone are the days when constructing company make use of the lead paints in residential and commercial building. This is because now day’s strict law and rules has been imposed on the constructing companies and the builders.

In few years back EPA that is environment protection agency changes some rule in RRP that stands for renovation, repairing and painting. At first this rule is only applicable for the residential building also where builders don’t make use of the lead paint. But in recent years, these rules also imposed on the commercial buildings also.

What these rules suggest?

  As per the rule builder can’t make use of the lead paint anywhere whether it is residential building or it is commercial building. In order to make the rule stricter and every builder to follow, heavy fine is imposed on them if they find guilty.  If anyone runs a small construction on remodeling company than it is best from them to avoid make use of these harmful paints because the fine is too heavy and it can cause serious damage to your business.  More than that according to this rule if the builder is found guilty today then builder have to pay the fine for the coming several years or three.

EPA RRP rules become necessary because use of lead paint can cause serious damage to human health. It is known that lead is a type of neurotoxin that is dangerous for the brain and especially for the children brain. While there are other problems also that can cause due to lead use such inhaling and more. That’s why it is advised to you that when you should choose the company that is genuine and do the work of renovation and repairing under all the rules and regulations that is imposed by EPA.