Lighting a Dark Room

Not all houses are full of light and even in the brightest of the houses you can always get dark spots. If you like lighting and you want to do it the green and cheap way, this article is going to help you a great deal.

First thing, it goes without saying LED is your friend. Switching to LED bulbs will not only save you a lot of money in electric bills, but also will make your house brighter. LED is way more powerful than other versions and, the brighter a room is, the bigger it looks.

It is a no-brainer but white is the best color if you want a room to look bright. However, not all white colors are the same. Choosing the right white color can make a difference between a beautiful room to a boring and plain one.

But not only walls are meant to be white if you want to maximize space and brightness, furniture plays a role as well. If you have a big and bulky coffee table in black or espresso color, you don’t realize how much is it consuming your space until you take it out. If after taking it out of the place it looks much brighter and you still need a coffee table, try a white or a light tone one.

Maybe your problem is the material used for your furniture. Acrylic is a great material to create big spaces in small rooms because every furniture piece in this material looks light and doesn’t take much visual space. Also, the more transparent a piece is, the bigger the room will look like. The whole idea is to have functional pieces that don’t take as much space and visual impact as wood does.

Replace cabinets by open shelves. Cabinets take up a lot of space while open shelves add depth to the room. The biggest drawback of open shelves is dust accumulates in the stuff much faster than it does with cabinets so, don’t place things that are easy to get stained.

Mirrors are very useful to expand a room and reflect the light. When you have mirrors, you don’t need as many bulbs to light a room and it will instantly look bigger by adding a lot of depth. Big mirrors are a beautiful addition to any room.

But mirrors are not the only reflective surface you can use in order to make a room to look bigger. A glossy floor can reflect light as well, and make a big difference. You don’t need to put metal flooring, just get glossy wood or tiles and you’ll see the difference. Metal may not be useful for flooring but it is very good for decoration. If you introduce metal finishes for your furniture or your fixtures like mirrors, you will add an extra reflection which will work very well. Decorating a room with metal dishes or other pieces is beautiful, original and adds extra light to it.