Marvelous Mosaics: Interesting Designs for Beautiful Bathrooms

The bathroom is among the most heavily used place in a house. Because it’s a room residents see every day, it’s important to find a floor design that is never going to get old. Here’s where mosaics can help as an alternative to larger floor tile patterns, creating a unique and attractive bathroom floor.

Mosaics are images that have been assembled from small pieces of glass, stone, or other material and are used to create amazing designs. They’ve been around for centuries and it only takes one look at historic homes or museum collections to understand just how gorgeous mosaics can be. But don’t worry about needing a mansion for a mosaic – they workin any size home!

Glass stone can be a perfect pick for building a mosaic into the bathroom floor, as it’s available in small tiles of varying sizes and colors. A nice look can be achieved by pairing different-sized glass tone tiles of white, green, blue, and gray for a mosaic that covers a specific part of the floor.

It’s possible to cover the entire bathroom floor using small octagonal marble tile spaced apart with smaller black diamond-shaped tile. This is a timeless and elegant look that fits just about any size bathroom in any room, and matches nicely with the typical white fixtures and fittings in bathrooms. The same design can even be continued into the shower floor and elsewhere in the room.

Alternatively, keep it simple with fewer colors and arrange small tiles of white and light gray marble in a herringbone pattern — which resembles fish bones. This zig-zag pattern is a unique way to cover an entire bathroom floor in one consistent but eye-catching design.

Instead of zig-zag herringbone patterns, consider using a hatched pattern known as basket weave. Align small tiles to resemble the weaving you’d see on a basket, using similar colors in light shades of white and gray for a warm and welcoming floor that can also withstand a lot of foot traffic.

If the basket weave design is what the homeowner wants but the existing walls and fixtures in the bathroom cry out for a darker mosaic, there are still plenty of options. For example, the same pattern is available but in darker colors such as variations of white, brown and gray. Make this mosaic truly the center of attention by lining the edges of the pattern with a darker color tile.

Or try something truly different by using black marble pebbles of varying sizes that are laid down on light grout to give the bathroom floor the look of something you might seek in a rustic cottage.

These are just some of the options for using stone and other types of floor tile to create interesting and unique mosaics that will help add beauty to any bathroom. Consider a change from the usual large tile floors and instead opt for a mosaic to make the room truly stand out.