Online Reputation Management AKA Social Media Monitoring?

Online reputation management cannot be discussed without the mention of social media in today’s society. A large portion of your reputation management efforts will be directed towards your business’ social media profiles and mentions. Because of the amount of consumers who use social media platforms in order to communicate and express themselves, your business should take advantage of the ORM service best known as “social media monitoring”. This is a process in which your business will be able to track its online reputation management status through interactions between consumers or simply by the things that consumers post to their profiles. ORM companies have dedicated a large portion of their efforts towards tracking consumer behaviour through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is where consumers feel most at ease when sharing their opinions.

ORM services can help you to interact more effectively with consumers through social media platforms. In an effort to remain relevant amongst the consumers of today, businesses have began to post clever and unique content to their social media pages. For example, Pizza Hut has gotten a lot of attention from consumers through their frequent humorous tweets on Twitter. Their reputation management team has found that through their funny tweets and responses to customers on Twitter, they’ve generated more interest and gotten more business.

ORM companies are seeing a spike in businesses online reputation management efforts and their social media pages. More and more brands are beginning to understand that not having a Facebook page or a Twitter accounts may actually be hurting their business more than staying away from social media interactions. As the Internet continues to develop and see advancements, your business must be ready to adapt in order to succeed. This is something that any ORM company will tell you and push you to do.