Questions To Ask Before Moving To a Senior Living Community

In case you are close to the age where you are planning to move to one senior living community or if you are planning to find the right place for the ageing relatives, there are high chances that you are possibly going to look for the luxury retirement apartments in Florida. These apartments mainly come with the facility where the seniors can move from independent living to assisted living with 24/7 care.

The majority of the seniors now prefer to live in these apartments, but as these mainly need a large amount of upfront payment along with high continuing monthly rates. Therefore, there are a few questions that need to be asked while it comes to considering apartment for 55 and over in Fort Myers.

  • Whether the entrance fee refundable: If you think of moving out without a specific period of time after moving in, the entrance fee may be partially or wholly refundable.
  • Whether the community is even built or established: Make sure you check into the finances of the developer. Some of the seniors get stuck paying big amount for the facilities, which either are stalled by some financial issues way past the time when the new home is required or don’t get built.
  • Are there only old folks: Facilities that are tied with the local schools and communities generally offer seniors a more satisfactory lifestyle.
  • What’s included and things that cost extra: Nearly almost all the senior living communities offer guaranteed access to the personal care and health services but not all of these include it in the monthly fee.
  • Amenities for Alzheimer’s patients: Alzheimer is a common problem among the seniors. Considering this fact, most of the senior living communities now offer facilities for Alzheimer treatment.
  • Availability of transportation: Most of the seniors seek easy access to the public transport as they often need to give up the drivers’ license in this situation. This way, they don’t have to pay for the taxi service whenever they need to go somewhere. Considering this thing, a number of senior residential communities offer transportation service for the residents.
  • Availability of pool: The majority of the wellness programs keep seniors active and this thing helps to lower the illness and depression rate.
  • Availability of special amenities: Often senior living apartments offer facilities like free concert tickets, internet access and other amenities to add a lot to the quality of the life of the seniors.