Unique Bedroom Colour Ideas That You Probably Didn’t Know

The whole world calls it abedroom but it is not just used in the night for sleeping purpose. The hardcore readers adore reading in their bedroom for they believe they get privacy there. People spend some beautiful moments with their loved ones in their bedroom. When individualsfeel down in thedumps, they rush towards theirbedroom. For children, their bed in their bedroom is no less than a trampoline.

Now, if a room has so many uses and it is utilized by many for different purposes, then its interior needs to be perfect. Colour, as the part of the interior, needs to have little more perfection because a colour is something that soothes your senses to a great extent.

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How to choosethe right colour for the bedroom? How to find out which colour would suit you or your little ones?

Considering the bedroom’s occupant age is important.For instance:

  • Go for neutral shades for adults
  • A bright shade will transform your bedroom into a merry space for your children
  • If your little ones love one of those hues, go for it.

To a very large extent, colours define the mood of the occupant. Rich reds or other shades of browns are known to create a sultry as well as romantic mood. Also, when golden colours or golden tones are selected to paint the bedroom, it adds a sense of luxury.


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If you wish to have a soothing experiencein your bedroom, go for either of them:

  • Soft Neutrals
  • Warm Brown Hue
  • Soothing Blue
  • Soft Green Shade
  • White

Apart from creating a calming effect, shades mentioned above help to create a contemporary look. Also, when either a black or bright accent is used in the bedroom, it helps to create an urban look.

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If your child is fine with any colour for his/her bedroom space, then make sure to go with purple or a shade of it. The colour is known to stimulate brain’s activity, and it is also one the best alternatives to traditional colours.

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Apart from selecting different shades, it is also important to consider a pattern. If you can’t figure out any specific solid colour, go for one of the patterns. There are:

  • Stripes
  • Textures
  • Sponge Art
  • Floral Patterns

Apart from those mentionedabove, there are oodles of other patterns and textures that can elevate the charisma of your room.

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If you are stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding a solid colour or pattern and can’t decide from the two, experiment with amural orart.If you have an artistic bug in you, you can do the job on your own. However, a professional artist can undertake the job for you as well. Personalize your bedroom with your favourite art and let it awe-inspire you.


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Go with adaptable colours if your décor taste changes frequently. When you choose a basic colour scheme such as black or white for your bedroom or even for your entire home, you can play with your décor every now and then. You need not have to worry about the colour of your décor items for these two solids – Black and White – complement a majority of shades and hues.


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Try fusion in your bedroom. In case, you have a small bedroom, go for a

  • Grey Bedding
  • Metallic or Purple Wallpaper
  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Glitzy Décor Pieces

This décor setting makes your bedroom spacious and adds oodles of style to it. The same setting also helps in creating a natural and soothing effect.


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If you desire to have a warm and welcoming bedroom, then nothing can help you create that effect except for a deep chocolate or a brown shade. This amazing bedroom colour helps in creating a rich and inviting room. If you believe that the shade will make your room dark, complement your space with decor items and furnishings such as:

  • White Bedding
  • Green Décor Pieces
  • Yellow Highlighters


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Ensure that you don’t leave your ceiling ‘paintless’ or ‘patternless.’ When you lie down on your bed, you don’t want to stare at the blank ceiling. Wrap it in the same solid colour as you have for your bedroom. Or go for fusion,i.e., get your bedroom walls painted in a solid colour and have stripes on your ceiling.


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Think out of the box for your bedroomcolour.If you have made your mind to not to go for any shade, colour, or pattern, then you surely have a large blank wall in your bedroom. In such case, you have oodles of options in your hands. Some of them are:

  • A Wallpaper:One of the biggest advantages to have a wallpaper in your bedroom is that you can change it whenever you want. You can have your images on the wallpaper or a pattern which is otherwise not possible to paint manually.
  • Wall Stickers: Like wallpaper, there are wall stickers that ensure that they escalate the style and beauty quotient of your bedroom by several notches. There are floral stickers, fauna stickers and stickers available in various other designs.
  • Quotes: So, you admire a quote, or there is this quote said by your favourite actor or sports player. Get it in your bedroom and let it motivate you or make you merry. You can have it painted, get a customized wall sticker for that quote or you can have it on wallpaper along with other design and pattern.

All in all, when you go with one of the unconventional ways mentioned above to ornament your bedroom, you are always in a win-win situation.

Dream in Colours, Shades, Hues and Patterns

A bedroom reveals personality of its occupant more than any other room in the home. This isone such place in the abode where everyone rests after a long and exhausting day. Now you don’t want a colour or a complex pattern that you dislike to welcome you to your bedroom.

Choose a splash of colouror shade or pattern that soothes your senses and helps you relax. Bedroom colours can affect your mood and how you feel, thus, choose a right shade to feel good every time you enter your bedroom.


Looking for bedroom colour ideas? Let these amazing tips, hacks and tricks inspire you to have a desired bedroom look. Ornament your bedroom with the perfect colour, shade, pattern or bless it with a unique décor fusion.