It is crucial to note that the engineering hardwood flooring is designed by using different core layers of high-quality plywood or hardwood.  The top coating of original hardwood veneer is glued properly to a top portion of the core. It is present to provide in roughly all species of the wood that includes traditional ash and oak to the exotic varieties.  It brings this flooring lot of natural characteristics.  The different layers are combined by using a highly quality wood glue that immune to both the moisture damage and deterioration.

Uses of engineering wood flooring

Many types of flooring options are available now, but the most efficient Engineering wood flooring get more recognition among people because of unique features.

  • Engineered wood flooring is specially designed flooring that brings greater stability and other benefits where the heat or moisture poses issues for the solid hardwood floors.
  • This flooring is obtainable in longer and wider plans than the solid hardwood flooring.
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Advantages of engineering wood flooring

Engineering wood flooring includes lots of specialized features that allow you to get lots of surprising benefits. Here are the major advantages of quality engineering wood flooring as follow:

  • This flooring is crafted to bring greater stability for flooring made of solid wood
  • Every wood has an organic property to quickly react to the heat changes under fewer degrees of cold, humid or hot conditions, making a wood shrink or expand.
  • It uses floating method that makes the fitting cost effective and quick
  • The traditional fitting techniques can also be employed
  • It does not create any visible gaps
  • Based on the accurate thickness of top layer, this flooring option can be re-sanded and sanded on the average between 3 to 6 applications
  • The sanding process will extend the durability of this flooring


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